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Digital portfolios (also widely known as e-portfolios) are digital representations of work. In this tutorial series, students learn how to use Google Sites, a popular website building platform, to create their own customized portfolios.Portfolios are incredibly useful to show an individual’s unique skills and talents. When used in education, portfolios also show student growth in learning and achievement over a period of time. Most students enjoy being able to clarify who they are, what makes them special, and view the evolution of their learning and critical thinking skills.
Furthermore, digital portfolios are increasingly used for college and work applications. Today many students struggle to assemble digital representations of their best work to submit with college applications. By creating digital portfolios earlier in their educational experience, students set themselves up for greater success down the road.

About the Tutorial Series


It’s pretty simple really….just watch and follow along.  Never ever watch the entire video and then try to go back and follow all the steps.  That defeats the purpose of a guided tutorial and will ensure boredom.  You will also quickly get tired of my voice. ; )

Do what is done in the video. Sometimes extra information is given.  It’s ok and encouraged to follow those extra steps just so you have a better idea of how Google Sites works.  You never know when you may want to use what you learn in these tutorials for another website!  Just be sure that how I end the video is how you end the video. If you need help, you can comment on the YouTube video page, email me, or just ask a friend or colleague. Lots of explanation is given so you’ll do just fine.


This tutorial series takes students step-by-step through creating a digital portfolio using Google Sites.  The series includes information about how to set-up and share a Google Site, insert text and images, add video and photo slideshows, as well as how to add and manage pages in your site’s navigation.  The entire video series is below with descriptive titles for each video. Depending on how much content you already have readily available for your portfolio such as written descriptions, pictures, and/or video of work, completing the portfolio could take under two and a half hours. 

The portfolio consists of a home page where students showcase themselves.  This is where viewers of the portfolio learn who the portfolio is about.  Students are encouraged to include pictures, video, and text that represents their individual interests, talents, and abilities.  Examples of videos shown on existing portfolios include a grand slam hit at a baseball game, a gymnast teaching how to do a gymnastics trick, or vocalist performing the “Star Spangled Banner.”  The home page will continuously be updated to reflect a student’s maturity over time.

The other site pages are meant to showcase work.  Students are encouraged to include bigger projects instead of smaller, more trivial assignments.  Each project page includes a section for an Overview, Reflection, and Final Product(s) (click here for more info).  This can certainly be modified depending on the preferences of the student and/or teacher.  Examples of what is encouraged to be included in each section are listed below.  As students age, they may add a resume or pages about internship/job experiences.  Remember that the portfolio can and should be used to apply to future colleges and jobs!

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